Fullancer Standards

We expect Fullancers in the Bloo Network to conduct themselves in a professional manner in all interactions with companies and the Bloo team.

1. Timely, regular and professional communication

TIMELY: From the moment you receive confirmation that you have been selected for a job until the moment that job closes, you are responsible for ensuring that the company is fully informed on the job status and anything that is required from them as next steps. Do not delay in contacting the company to keep them informed of any important changes (e.g. discussing kick-off details upon job commencement; discussing changes to the deliverables or scope as a job progresses; discussing adjusting the budgeted number of hours well in advance of hitting them). Ultimately, you expected to become an integral part of the company.

REGULAR: It may make sense to agree to a communication timeline upon job commencement – daily, etc.

If in doubt, reach out: we have never received a single complaint from a company that a Fullancer was overly communicative!

PROFESSIONAL: Professional communications are well written and clear. They are also honest, not attempting to mislead nor ignoring any questions.

Would you be comfortable if everyone in your network were to read this email?

2. Expectation management

Ensure that companies are kept up to date of all expected deadlines and deliverables and inform them at the earliest opportunity of any changes to previously agreed upon details.

When defining deliverables and agreeing to them with companies it is often wise to set overly achievable deadlines and exceed expectations (i.e. to under promise and over deliver) than set unrealistic expectations and fall short.

3. Weekly progress reports

Bloo requires that all Fullancers submit weekly timesheets at a minimum to account for the work they have done that week.

In addition to aiding the billing process, these timesheets provide a paper trail of activities completed and enable effective job management by both company and Fullancer alike.

4. Proactively flag issues

Always be proactive and make companies and/or the Bloo team aware of any issue as soon as it comes to light. Communicate proactively to raise the issue and how you propose it be dealt with. Ensure that you continue to follow up on your communications until you believe the issue has been dealt with in a satisfactory manner.

This applies to both minor issues (such as waiting to receive assets from a company), to major issues (such as concerns over your ability to deliver on agreed to job objectives).

5. “The company is right” attitude

At some stage in their career, all Fullancers encounter companies that are difficult to deal with. However, at all times it is important to remain professional and prioritize company satisfaction. If you are concerned that a company may be unsatisfied or are encountering any other issue in dealing with a company, please flag this issue with the Bloo team as early as possible, before it escalates beyond repair.

6. Disintermediation attempt

Any attempt made by a Fullancer to disintermediate Bloo from the company/Fullancer relationship will result in the immediate loss of all compensation due for any work with an Bloo company. This does not waive Bloo’s right to seek additional damages from the Fullancer to recoup our lost investment in identifying and matching them with a company.

These principles in practice

As part of our commitment to our companies, Bloo offers Bloozero, a two-week money back guarantee for all new jobs.

As part of our commitment to our Fullancers, Bloo offers to reimburse you for the work you did for up to $1,000 so long as the professional standards outlined above have been upheld. 

If you’re a Fullancer and you’ve made it this far to secure a job, then we trust in you: we trust that you have the skills and experience to deliver on your job goals and we will do all we can to support you in this respect. We understand that difficult companies exist – that’s just the nature of the business – and we are prepared to take that risk on your behalf.

However, we do not tolerate any lapse in the professionalism of our Fullancers. In the event of a company dispute, Fullancers who do not adhere to these professional expectations will not be compensated and will be removed from the Bloo Network.



Company Standards

In order to work with Bloo and our Fullancers, we require all companies to adhere to the below Work Standards.


Bloo is a professional advertising Fullancer network (and soon-to-be Fullancer platform). We connect professional advertising Fullancers with professional companies. To provide a quality experience for both parties, we work hard to ensure that companies have access to the best freelance talent, but similarly that Fullancers have access to quality jobs with professional companies.

What we expect from our Fullancers:

We expect, indeed require, our Fullancers to act professionally, so it is only fair that we hold our companies to these same standards.

  • Vetting: To be accepted in the Bloo Network, Bloo demands a lot from our Fullancers. We vet all candidates and require all our Fullancers to undergo stringent reference checks
  • Availability: In order to respect company time in the interview and selection process, we require Fullancers to hold availability when their job is open for consideration
  • Professional Standards: To ensure a quality experience for our companies, we require all our Fullancers to adhere to these Fullancer Work Standards on an ongoing basis

If a Fullancer fails to pass these checks or fails to live up to these professional standards, they will be removed from the Bloo Network.

What we expect from companies:

We expect companies to behave in a professional manner and engage in the recruitment process in a way that is respectful of Fullancers’ and Bloo’s time. We also expect companies to work with their Fullancer for a minimum of three months to provide enough time to get results.

1. Process engagement

As soon as a job brief has been submitted and confirmed, the Bloo team is fully engaged in achieving a successful outcome on your behalf. Bloo immediately commences the work of identifying, vetting and screening suitable Fullancer candidates. The selected Fullancer candidates invest time in job applications and in setting aside availability for interviews. When, after this work, candidates have been proposed to you, a lack of engagement on your part renders this time investment as wasted and is disrespectful both to Bloo staff and Fullancers.

We expect that you will fully engage with the process, including timely responses and honouring commitments as outlined below.

2. Timely responses

In particular, we expect a timely response in 3 scenarios:

  • Candidates proposed by Bloo: we expect the company to either arrange an interview or provide feedback on the candidate’s suitability in 3 days or less
  • Interview complete: we expect the company to provide feedback on the candidate interviewed in 3 days or less
  • Mini proposal sent by Fullancer candidate post interview: we expect the company to either accept or provide feedback on the Fullancer’s payment proposal in 3 days or less

3. Honour commitments

In particular, we expect companies to honour scheduled interview calls with Fullancers.

If a company fails to live up to these professional standards, we may decide not to work with them without questions asked.

DISINTERMEDIATION ATTEMPT: Any attempt made to disintermediate will result in the immediate rejection to working with Bloo and our Fullancer.

At any time in the process, Bloo reserves the right to refuse to begin or continue working with any company.