Hi, We're Bloo

Bloo was founded by engineers and media buyers who wanted to prove that businesses didn’t need to compromise with their paid ads – that media buying can be a vehicle for social
good and a downright delightful experience.

About Bloo

Bloo is a network of world-class media buyers that offers a new way to advertise online. Our network is made up of exceptional media buyers who are rigorously vetted and Fullstack. With Bloo, you connect with a perfect media buyer that is hand-selected for your business whom you can seamlessly hire! With traditional PPC providers being a dime-a-dozen these days, you can rest assured that the talent in the Bloo Network is tier-one with a proven track record of cold hard RESULTS.

How is Bloo different from in-house, freelancers & ad agencies?

Traditional paid ad providers are commoditized nowadays making it extremely difficult to select the best one for your business. This means there is a hefty financial risk around hiring for paid ads. This is also why it’s not uncommon for businesses to work with countless advertisers until they can (finally) find one who can actually deliver.

Bloo was built differently. In essence, our network allows you to hire the top 1% of media buyers, who are Fullstack and rigorously vetted by us. Every media buyer in the Bloo Network has successfully passed our meticulous screening process. In short, we look for fullstack ad buyers with significant expertise and past experience, who also have passion and drive – the types of people we want to work with ourselves! In sum, the media buyers in the Bloo Network are world-class – vetted experts from the top 1%.

Why Bloo for your ads?

Simply put, media buyers in the Bloo Network are world-class – they’re vetted experts from the top 1%. With traditional agencies and ad buyers being a dime-a-dozen these days, it can be difficult to find and select the right advertiser who can actually move the need forward in your business. This was the nexus of Bloo. Every ad buyer in the Bloo network has been rigorously assessed and vetted so you can cut your losses and your headaches.

Is Bloo an outsourced or in-house solution?

Typically, there have been three solutions for paid ads: freelancers and consultants, agencies, and in-house talent. In other words, outsourced and in-house solutions each having their own benefits and compromises. Outsourced ad solutions are usually more short-term and project-based oriented. While hiring media buyers in-house has serious candidate limitations. Now forget what you know about typical paid ads services…

Bloo takes the best of outsourced and in-house models – bridging the gap between the two. Media buyers in the Bloo Network are generally highly committed to only one or a select few businesses at any given time, for the long-term. For many digital companies, this type of collaboration is highly effective and a perfect sweet spot! This enables you to hire a top media buyer that also fits your unique business like hand in glove.

How do I hire from Bloo Network?

Hiring from the Bloo Network is easy like any online buying experience. Simply tell us what you are looking for via our Beta Hiring Portal, and if qualified, we will present you with hand-selected media buyers whom you can interview and work with them at no risk until you are ready to hire! We primarily have PPC media buyers in our network currently (Google ads, Facebook ads, etc).

Please note, at this time we are in our early stages and keep our network small. To be one of the early birds to hire from our network, you must request a beta invitation and we will notify you when it becomes available for you.

Who is Bloo for?

Bloo is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, E-com, info, SaaS, coaching, sales calls, lead-gen… aka digital businesses with great products! We additionally only work with businesses that have a track record (or early track record) of customers that LOVE them.

A vehicle for social good?

Bloo, Inc. is a registered Benefit Corporation, which means we are legally empowered to pursue positive stakeholder impact alongside profit. Bloo stemmed from the idea that, when done right, advertising can serve as a force for social impact. The unfortunate dark side is that many ads these days promote utter crap-shoot products. We do not want to contribute to this.

This gave us our core purpose: catalyze social impact through advertising. We do this by helping great businesses collaborate with the world’s top media buyers. So although Bloo seeks to make a profit, our mission is also to be a vehicle for social impact. Each business that applies to hire from Bloo is screened for qualities of public good. We do not help businesses with crap products or service. Period.

At Bloo, we aim to redesign the online advertising experience from the ground up to synergize advertising with social impact. See our company values.

What is a Fullstack media buyer?

At Bloo, we rigorously look for media buyers who are exceptionally Fullstack. Put simply, a Fullstack individual is both a generalist AND a specialist – an expert in at least one thing but also capable in many other things. You can visualize this as being T-Shaped.

For example, someone might be an expert in Google Ads but also extremely proficient in copywriting, finance, quantitative analysis, psychology, basic coding, CRO, marketing automation… and so on. Mastering these constituent parts literally give superpowers to a media buyer, hence why we religiously screen for this.

How does Bloo work?

Hiring from the Bloo Network is just like any easy buying experience online. With Bloo, you do not have to tightly manage your ad buyer, risk hiring the wrong talent, or worry about onboarding hassles. You simply answer some questions, and if qualified, we will present you with hand-selected media buyers whom you can interview and work at no risk until you are ready to hire.

Yes, you can work with them first with a no-risk trial period before committing to moving forward with your talent. Once hired, they interface with your team just as an internal team-member working remotely would!

In a nutshell here is how Bloo works:
➜ Craft your job – tell us exactly what you’re looking for
➜ We present you with the perfect hand-matched media buyer(s)
➜ Interview and work with them at NO risk
➜ Hire and integrate into your team!

Here is a depth look at the step-by-step process:

  1. Craft your job – tell us exactly what you’re looking for. The hiring process begins by telling us what your are looking for. Our team will screen your application and work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.
  2. We present you with hand-selected media buyers. Assuming your business is a good fit for our network, our team will present you with a short-list of hand selected media buyers from our network. This usually takes one day or two. You can then connect and interview until you are 100% confident with moving forward.
  3. Finalize the scope and payment. The last step before working with your Bloo talent is to finalize the job scope and payment. This means both the client and media buyer must be on the same page about all aspects of the scope before any payment occurs.
  4. Trial work period at no risk, then confidently hire! At this point, you can work with your media buyer for two weeks at no risk. This is a part of our Bloozero Guarantee. If you are 100% satisfied, you hire and integrate them into your team—just like an in-house employee! We will assist with onboarding to ensure seamless integration with your unique business. Expect about 15-30 days of integration and set up time before going hitting the big red LIVE button 😄

Talent FAQ

At Bloo, we welcome diverse perspectives from media buyers and those who think rigorously and are deeply passionate. Some of our talent has previously worked as freelancers, others have only worked for a small handful of companies, and others stumbled upon advertising completely by accident. Some have advanced PhDs while others don’t have a bachelor’s. Yet one thing remains constant: they all LOVE what they do and CRUSH it. So this exists and businesses are working with our talent right now.

Are you a media buyer yourself? Consider applying to join the Bloo Network!  We strive to enable creative and driven media buyers to reach their potential.

What is the screening process for media buyers?

At Bloo, we look for full-stack media buyers with significant expertise and past experience, who also have passion and drive – the types of folks we want to work with ourselves!

Every applicant must successfully pass every step in our screening process to be invited into the Bloo Network. We particularly look at the following key areas: communication skills, clean thinking, past experience, and proven track record, and expertise in their functional domain. Below is our (ever-evolving) screening process to identify TIER-ONE media buying talent:

  1. Application Review: Each applicant submits their application which is comprehensively reviewed by multiple members of the Bloo talent team. I.e a depth qualification check.
  2. Communication & Personality: Next the applicant and a Bloo rep have a “cup of coffee” video call, as we call it. Each Bloo applicant must be able to read, write, and speak English extremely well. We also probe into the applicant’s personality traits, looking for individuals who are deeply passionate, driven, and fully engaged in their work.
  3. Technical Assessment: Then we check for technical knowledge, problem-solving ability, and intellect through a timed online assessment. Additionally, each applicant is screened by an expert in their functional domain. We test for the applicant’s understanding of probabilities, statistics, quantitative analysis, ability to find causality, problem-solve, spot patterns & connections, and more.
  4. Demo Project: Passing applicants are then given a demo project that represents a real-world scenario. This demo project has up to 15 days to be completed. Once completed, the applicant will then present their project on a call to their Bloo rep who acts as a client. This is the final step before being invited into the Bloo Network!
  5. Continued Excellence: Bloo Media Buyers are expected to maintain a perfect track record while working with businesses. We do not tolerate any sub-par work or poor communication. Period.


What are the prices?

We just take a flat fee from your billings, and your paid ads get a serious upgrade. Bloo’s pricing structure is simple and transparent: we take a 5% fee based on each month’s billings, plus a setup fee. E.g a $5,000 /month job means our monthly take is $250.

Our pricing varies on the scope of the job. Large initiatives means increased investment. Want to get a custom quote for you? Get your custom quote HERE just by telling us about your business and media buying needs. Our pricing is flexible as this is something you and your rockstar media buyer devise and agree upon, based on the scope of the position. We are not here to babysit you.

Monthly or hourly rates? Simple answer: we offer monthly or bi-weekly billings. Since the expertise and level of experience of our talent are already very high, the rates of our talent don’t vary much. However, media buyers in our network with a rare skill (or combination of skills) can have higher rates, as their specialty may be in high demand.

How long does it take to hire and get going?

Expect about one week to find and move forward with the top media buyer of your choice. We aim to improve this in the future. The most time-consuming parts are actually on us! We can take up to a few days to ensure that we’re handpicking the perfect candidate(s) that fit to your business like hand-in-glove. Then the full setup time typically takes two-four weeks depending on the scope.

How many businesses does our talent work with at once?

We believe focused efforts are much better than scattered efforts. Many outsourced ad providers manage up to 20 (or more) accounts simultaneously. That is nuts. Media buyers in our network usually work with a small handful of 1-3 businesses at once. This allows for higher dedication and commitment which enables greater results.

Common Questions

What is our zero-risk trial period?

Bloozero is our guarantee that lets businesses work with our media buyers first before making the full hiring decision. If for absolutely any reason you are not completely satisfied with your paired media buyer, we will work with you to find another candidate. OR we will refund you in full if we cannot find the perfect fit for your business.

This trial period lasts up to 15 days. This means you will have enough time to ensure a successful collaboration and journey ahead 😄. From here, if you are satisfied, the billings will continue and normal.

What if you are not satisfied with your media buyer?

While our network is very small currently, we can allow businesses to work with multiple media buyers from our network per role. This comes from our Bloozero Guarantee (mentioned above). Sometimes things don’t work out and there isn’t a good fit – it happens! This allows businesses to move forward with whom they are confident and compatible with. Ideally, we shoot for a media buyer that fits like a glove into your unique business.

Are there upfront recruitment costs?

None. However, there is a one-time setup fee.

Are all Bloo media buyers remote?

As of now, yes. However, if you and your media are both in the same city then on-site is totally an option.

Who is responsible for the results? Bloo or our media buyer?

All parties are responsible for results – the business, media buyer, and us (Bloo). Each party has its own responsibilities. Both us and media buyers at Bloo are 100% committed to your business and success with ads, and epect the same in return. This is also why we are invite-only currently. So do NOT expect this to be a hands-off operation. Bloo is for serious businesses who are committed to putting in the work to achieve preeminent results and become the #1 in the market on the ads front.

What are the requirements for businesses to work with our network?

Yes, there are some requirements for business too. Both the team at Bloo and our media buyers do not want to advertise for a crap product or service. Our media buyers are deeply passionate about their work and have communicated to us they want meaningful work – like most individuals. In essence, we look for businesses that have genuine value and positive or social impact in some way – in other words, companies that have a track record (or early track record) of customers that LOVE their product.

Broadly speaking, we define social impacting businesses as organizations that prioritize doing work that consciously, systemically and sustainably serves or attempts to solve a local or global community need. And the english definition: businesses that have a genuine win-win product. Again, although Bloo seeks to make a profit, our mission is also to be a vehicle for social impact.

Welcoming Early Testers.

In order to keep our customer experience at the highest level, Bloo is
currently invite-only. We’re selectively working with businesses of
certain sizes and in certain industries during our early stages.